Wanderer - My Favorite Game

Wanderer is one of my FAVORITE games of all times. Sometimes i think
that i sought out Unix and Unix like boxes JUST to play it. ALAS, i could
not find it for YEARS after i was first exposed to it on a SCO system at
Purdue in 1993. I used to log into that system and play it for hours. In
2001 when i discovered the GOOGLE newsgroups archive, i found the 1990
version of wanderer that Steve Shipway released just before going off the
net and hacked enough to run on my OpenBSD 2.9 box.

Here are a few screen shots and tarfiles of the source code that will
compile and run on OpenBSD 2.9-3.2 and probably just about ANY BSD based
system. I also have a version that will compile and install on SuSe 6.2
Linux. ...Enjoy !!

When time allows i will post a few of the 61 screens on this page as a

This is the first screen - Unplug the Cistern #1 (running on OBSD 3.1)

This is the same Screen not running in Map format.
First Screen

Screen 2 - Unplug the Cistern #2 in map mode
Second Screen

For now, here are a couple of tarfiles for those of you experiencing
Withdrawal from this majorly FUN game. There are quite a few ports for
M$ Windows avail, if anyone wants them posted, drop me an email.

For now, here are links to the code.

wanderer-3.2.tar.gz Compiles on BSD systems
wanderer-3.2.linux.tgz Compiles on SuSe 6.2 Linux
Amiga Port -see http://www.spythis.com/cca/80.html

OpenBSD Port Tree Entry OpenBSD Port wanderer.port.tar.gz

Archlinux Aur Package https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wanderer

Page (C) Marina Brown
Wanderer is (C) Steve Shipway 1988